Kitaro to perform in special live stream event on March 6th

Kitaro to perform “Silk Road” and “Kojiki And The Universe” in special live stream event on March 6th at 19:00 JST (GMT +09:00)

Los Angeles, CA (March 1, 2021) Kitaro, world-renowned and award-winning composer, will be performing at an event that is in support to designate four territories in Japan’s Ryukyu Islands as World Heritage Sites. 

World Heritage Sites are designed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Japanese government has proposed UNESCO to designate the northern part of Okinawa Island (Yanbaru) as well as Amami-Oshima, Tokunoshima, Iriomote Islands as World Heritage Sites this year. These islands have existed in isolation for many centuries and contain a high proportion of endemic and rare species. 

The concert program will consist of two parts. The first part will be a special performance of “Silk Road” by Kitaro that will include hand-picked videos that spans multiple decades. The second part will be a performance with a video presentation of “Kojiki And The Universe.” The unique visual experience will merge Kitaro’s critically acclaimed album “Kojiki” with space-age photographic scenes of the Universe. The video will feature time-lapse images, expertly intertwined with real-time films provided by and in cooperation with NASA and Kyoto University. Kitaro will be performing live with violinist Shizuka Kashima.

The performance will be on Saturday March 6, 2021, 19:00 Japan Standard Time (GMT +09:00) and will be streamed live on YouTube. The concert program will be broadcasted by the Ryukyu Broadcasting Corporation (RBC) on April 29, 2021.

This event will be sponsored by NPO Yanbaru Regional Activity Support Center. Additionally, it will be co-sponsored by Okinawa Kaiho Bank, Cultivate Inc., and Japan Post Okinawa Branch. Also supporting this event is NTT West Okinawa Branch Kunigami.

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