Domo Music Group has grown over the years with an impressive catalog and roster of international talent..  Established in 1993 by Eiichi Naito, his initial success with the label came through the signing of Grammy and Golden Globe-winning New Age artist and icon Kitaro.  The label soon afterward launched a mandate to seek out and cultivate unique, diverse and local music talents from around the world.  The record label continues to showcase an eclectic roster of new age and world music artists from Kitaro to numerous up-and-coming and world renowned musicians that include The Yoshida Brothers and Korean Gayageum virtuoso, Luna, Grammy-nominee Dave Eggar, composer/arranger Kuni Murai, electronic composer Michel Huygen and Turkish mantra singer Seda Bağcan.

Eiichi Naito’s background in audio engineering, artist management, publishing and international music business practices proved the right skill set in leading the label that has stood the test of time.  Dino Malito, as DMG's Vice President, who’s background as a producer, musician and composer is responsible for optimizing and overseeing the record label, publishing and artist management operations and development.  The label is aided by the marketing and promotional team that includes Atsuko Mizuta, Kana Sato and Tomoko Kakimoto.