Hiroki Okano’s “Peace On Earth”

The memory of the stone
The memory of the tree
The memory of the air
The memory of the forest
The earth speaks to us
The times are truly dawning now
It is darkest before the dawn
But the morning is coming
I want to play the sound of the dawn
Like the song of the bird that heralds the morning
For the next seven generations of descendants
With my ancestors seven generations ago 
I will send this music out into the world 
-Hiroki Okano

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Hiroki Okano
Mastered by Hiroki Okano, Daichi Yuhara
Art Direction: Yutaka Takei
Photography: Kenji Sakamoto, Shinnosuke Kunitomo
Additional musicians:
Arico Yamashita – Piano (Fertile Voyage)
Chiyo Kaiga – Piano (Pure Child)
Ranna Sakimoto – Cello (Dear One’s Heart, Pure Child)

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