Tao Of Sounds’ “These Times” won Akademia Music Awards’ August 2016!

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Tao Of Sounds’ newly released album “These Times” has been chosen as Akademia Music Awards’ August 2016 Winner for Best Dance/Electronica Album.

‘Hard-hitting beats, pulsating sound envelopes and shotgun percussion give us insight into this edgy new artist, making them one to watch in the coming year.’  – Akademia 


“Tao of Sound’s new full-length, 11 track album These Times, is a masterwork and triumph, blurring the lines between musical genres and delivering an amazing melodic and rhythmic delight.”

Combining Zen-like Eastern influences with electronic beats and a rock swagger, Tao of Sound delivered a striking, memorable debut for Domo Records in June 2010 with Metro, continued their evolution with RONIN and now expertly displays their mastery of music with 2016’s These Times.

Track List

01. These Times (feat. Beldina)
02. You Come, You Go (feat. Carol Hatchett)
03. Police & Thieves (feat. Amy Keys)
04. 20 Cents More For The Metro (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
05. Little World (feat. Laura Jane)
06. Libra
07. Sympathy Is For The Survivors (feat. Brandon Rogers)
08. Keep Dancing (feat. Jacob Luttrell)
09. I Would Be Your Slave (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
10. Virgo
11. The River (feat. Sharlotte Gibson)



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