Watch Tao Of Sound’s New Music Video for “Keep Dancing”

Tao Of Sound, whose upcoming album “These Times” will be released on May 6th, just dropped the official music video for the first single “Keep Dancing”.

“Keep Dancing” features Jacob Luttrell on lead vocals, Carol Hatchett and Laura Jane on background vocals, and Kat Dyson on guitar. Directed by Ameenah Kaplan, the video includes black and white scenes of people from all over the world performing various cultural dances; it shows that no matter where we come from, music and dance are aspects of life we all enjoy.

Keep Dancing feat. Jacob Luttrell (Official Music Video)

Stay tuned for the release of “These Times”


Track List
01. These Times (feat. Beldina)
02. You Come, You Go (feat. Carol Hatchett)
03. Police & Thieves (feat. Amy Keys)
04. 20 Cents More For The Metro (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
05. Little World (feat. Laura Jane)
06. Libra
07. Sympathy Is For The Survivors (feat. Brandon Rogers)
08. Keep Dancing (feat. Jacob Luttrell)
09. I Would Be Your Slave (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
10. Virgo
11. The River (feat. Sharlotte Gibson)

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