Various Artists: Treasures Of Chinese Instrumental Music: Guzheng

Treasures Of Chinese Instrumental Music: Guzheng

Various Artists

Guzheng is also called Zheng.  It is one kind of the oldest Chinese traditional musical instrument.  Upon the Warring States period (403 - 211 B.C.), it was most popular in Qin territory (now Shaanxi province).  So it was also called "Qin Zheng".

According to the historical records from the poetry and other writings, they told us that the instrument was beloved by the public and most people could manage it.  It also reflected the importance of it in the civil through music history.

Although Zheng was originated from Qin territory, it was gradually spread to Henan, Shandong, Guangdong, Yunnan, Zhejiang provinces and became their civil instruments.  Today, Zheng has been greater developed and is one kind of the traditional musical instruments among the people in China.

The sound box of the instrument is made by a long wooden board from tong tree.  On the upper arch-shade side is load with strings across the separate bridges.  In the past, the strings were made with silk, or bronze.  Nowadays, they are made with steel and nylon.  And the number of strings has developed from twelve to twenty five.  On the lower flat side, there are two sound holes.  The smaller one near the head of the instrument is used for affixing the strings.  While the bigger one in the middle is used for the sound to transmit downward.

Track List


  • 01.  Four Brocade
  • 02.  Lotus Flower Emerging From Water
  • 03.  Rain Falling On The Plantain By The Window At Night
  • 04.  Shooting Down Wild Geese
  • 05.  Dance Of The Yao People
  • 06.  Spring Morning In Snow Mountain
  • 07.  Shooting The Drum On Xiang Shan
  • 08.  Flowing Water And Floating Cloud
  • 09.  Battling Against The Typhoon
  • 10.  Lin Chong Fled To Liang Shan
  • 11.  Fantasia
  • 12.  Roar Of Iron Horses


  • 01.  A Traditional Tune In Common
  • 02.  Autumn Moon Over The Han Palace
  • 03.  Ospreys Sporting With Water
  • 04.  Spring In The Fields
  • 05.  Liu-Qing-Niang
  • 06.  A Tune Of Qin Mulberry
  • 07.  Going Up To The Boudoir
  • 08.  Song Of Han Jiang
  • 09.  High Mountains And Flowing Water
  • 10.  The New Song Of Dongting
  • 11.  Lives Of The Craft Crew
  • 12.  The Miraculous Saving Of Chen Xing-Yuan
  • 13.  Evening Song In The Fishing Boat
  • 14.  Tears Of Xiangfei
  • 15.  Capriccio On A Xinjiang Theme
  • 16.  Busy Spinning
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