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The Saboten: The Saboten

The Saboten

The Saboten

The Saboten is a long-running collaboration between three of Japan's most cutting edge artists - Hoppy Kamiyama, Saguaro, and DJ Force.  With diverse tastes and backgrounds, these three musical masterminds create a unique sound that blends all of the purest elements of techno-electronic-progressive-experimental-jazz, while at the same time, developing something entirely new and beyond the borders of categorization.

The sounds of The Saboten are experimental and truly avant-garde, yet there's a familiarity to it that keeps it palatable and accessible to those outside of their exclusive circle.  Their sound, which has been described as "Mixture Head Music", is a combination of techno, rock, jazz and ambient elements... plus a dash of eclectic craziness.

The Saboten have already received worldwide critical acclaim and Kanpai Records is proud to present them to the U.S., with this, their debut stateside release.

Track List

  • 01.  Toelly (Soul Coaxing)
  • 02.  Lenin Web
  • 03.  Orgasm
  • 04.  Yummy, Homo, Yummy
  • 05.  Zoe Achilles
  • 06.  Time Cafe (Happy Dementia)
  • 07.  Rituel (How to Sex)
  • 08.  Night Rugby
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