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: Ninja Scroll Original Soundtrack

Ninja Scroll Original Soundtrack


Ninja Scroll, a 13-episode TV series making its debut earlier this year in Japan, will be released this fall on DVD.  The series is a continuation of the wildly popular and award-winning anime feature film (of the same name), written and directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri.  Taking place in ancient Japan, Ninja Scroll is the story of a wandering Ninja warrior named Jubei.

The music for this soundtrack is co-scored by Golden Globe & Grammy Award winning artist Kitaro and multi-instrumentalist and composer, Peter(Peas)McEvilley.

Track List

  • 01.  Jubei's Theme by Kitaro
  • 02.  Sure Shot by Peter McEvilley
  • 03.  All We Are by Peter Mc Evilley, Rachel Leslie(vocal)
  • 04.  Peppercorn-Tsubute's Theme by Peter McEvilley
  • 05.  Ninja Femme Fatale by Peter McEvilley
  • 06.  Gales of Wind (Dance Mix) by Peter Mc Evilley
  • 07.  Drifting Journey by Peter McEvilley
  • 08.  Hikari by Peter McEvilley
  • 09.  Only the Night by Peter McEvilley, Rachel Leslie(vocal)
  • 10.  Itinerancy -Dakuan's Theme- by Peter McEvilley
  • 11.  Glory by Peter McEvilley
  • 12.  Peaceful Village by Peter Mc Evilley
  • 13.  Shigure's Theme by Kitaro
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