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"Have you ever smelled love?
Smells like wet metal on a bed of honey.
Smells like sex in a zipped-up tent.
Smells like chocolate.
And what does love sound like?
Sounds like Prototokyo.

When I first heard these bards - over at some optimistic sake - hop in Okinawa G - I thought: 'I guess music don't ever end.'  Their sound is unique, tender, flirtatious.  It's the ultimate soul-mash-up and get this: It comes from the future.  Yes, that's right. Prototokyo's from a time period when then is now.  A time after time.  And thanks to a little thing called intervallic collapse, they've brought the party to their all-time favorite year: 2005.  Take a good whiff, my distant friends, and say hello to the Love Regime."

-- John Coltrane XI, "Reboot Orchestra," 2222

But you don't have to take Coltrane's word for it.  Just listen.  This two-man outfit uses spaced-out hip hop beats, crazed grooves, and old school soul vocals to create their new, "retro-electronic R&B" sound.  Simultaneously throwback and flash forward, Prototokyo is tight, catchy and nassty.

And it all starts on stage: The Protoshow combines electronic grooves and live instrumentation with tight dance routines andaudience participation.  The result is a high-energy, funny and relentlessly positive vibe.  Most recently, a Protoshow helped encourage a crowd member to profess his five-year secret love to his best friend.  That night, they went home together and made sweet love...

You want some too?

Track List

  • 01.  Protonarrative
  • 02.  Limp
  • 03.  Tina Meet Gina
  • 04.  Schoolboy
  • 05.  Underneath the Sheets
  • 06.  Stop Drop
  • 07.  2222
  • 08.  Mission
  • 09.  Ticklish
  • 10.  Bananas Du Brasil
  • 11.  Play - Transmission
  • 12.  Dpt
  • 13.  Materialize
  • 14.  Love Love
  • 15.  As I Lie
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