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Various Artists: Sunrise - songs to start your day

Sunrise - songs to start your day

Various Artists

Track List

  • 01.  Wind And Water by Kitaro
  • 02.  Devotion by Stephen DeRuby
  • 03.  Tempest by Dave Eggar
  • 04.  Peace Through Kindness by Nawang Khechog
  • 05.  Main Theme Nile by Jean-Francois Maljean
  • 06.  Dance Of Sarasvati by Kitaro
  • 07.  Moresca by Benedetti & Svoboda
  • 08.  Angel by Dave Eggar
  • 09.  Floating Lotus by Kitaro
  • 10.  Silhouette In The Rain by Akiko Kosaka
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