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Various Artists: Sleep Vol. 2

Sleep Vol. 2

Various Artists

An attractive collection of delicate sleep encouraging sounds includes tracks from Grammy Award winner Ki- taro, Dave Eggar, Nawang Khechog as well as healing music and sleep expert Fumio Miyashita.  Each hand- picked song contains soothing, healing sounds specifi- cally designed to ease tension and produce a tranquil atmosphere conducive to sustaining a state of deep re- laxation.

An intricate blend of beautiful melodies and healing har- monics designed to relax after stressful days and sleep- less nights.

Track List

  • 01.  Koki  -  Kitaro
  • 02.  Linden  -  Kitaro
  • 03.  Hana  -  Fumio
  • 04.  Reverie  -  Stephen DeRuby
  • 05.  Claire De Lune  -  Debussy
  • 06.  Deep Blue  -  Dave Eggar
  • 07.  Presence  -  Nawang Khechog
  • 08.  Peace Within  -  Benedetti & Svoboda
  • 09.  I Wish You Were Here With Me  -  Akiko Kosaka
  • 10.  Earth In Bloom  -  Kitaro
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