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Kitaro: Tenku




The title, which means "heavenly sky", reflects the open air environment of Kitaro's home studio.  On the opening track, a child's laughter is heard.  The album's theme concerns images and impressions of childhood.

"I send a message of sound toward the sky, engulfing empty space, soaring far beyond grasp, high above the mountain tops, beyond ocean waves, stretching to reach the Andes and lightly touching Nepal... now catch the sound and feel the light by feeling things which are with life... this is a beginning - connecting the dream to the color of your breathless heart - peace and tranquility, you need only to sing... it is for you" --Kitaro

Original Release Year: 1986

Track List

  • 01.  Tenku
  • 02.  Romance
  • 03.  Wings
  • 04.  Aura
  • 05.  Message from the Cosmos
  • 06.  Time Traveller
  • 07.  Legend of the Road
  • 08.  Milky Way
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