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Kitaro: Mizu Ni Inori Te

Mizu Ni Inori Te


Japanese nationwide TV featured Kitaro for their famous documentary series about professionals from various different fields.  In the TV program, Kitaro had explored Nagara-gawa (one of the biggest rivers in Japan) from its source to both "Pacific Ocean" and "Sea Of Japan" and built his images to create songs which were played in the program.  After the on-air, they were flooded with inquiries about songs.

This led them to produce the album including 3 unreleased songs.  Kitaro shows the appreciation for nature by expressing both magnificent flow and dynamism of nature as it is.

Track List

  • 01.  Mizu Ni Inori Te
  • 02.  The Light of the spirit
  • 03.  Steam
  • 04.  Shizuku No Mai
  • 05.  Nagare No Naka De
  • 06.  Voice of the Wind
  • 07.  Theme from Silk Road
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