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Kitaro: The Definitive Collection

The Definitive Collection


Since the early '90s, the music of singular recording artist Kitaro has continually evolved over an astonishing run of 23 albums for longtime label Domo Records, garnering much critical and commercial success.  The wordless poetry of this New Age pioneer is rooted in the traditions and musical sensibilities of his native Japan, while encompassing numerous world music influences.  His multi-textured compositions are lush and transcendent, at once completely exotic and comfortably familiar.  Warm and ambient, with earthly grooves, his sound reflects the inspiration Kitaro has long drawn from the beauty of the natural world, infusing his work with a peaceful, serene quality.

The sheer breadth of Kitaro's eclecticism is on full display here, including selections from "The Light Of The Spirit," a collaboration with the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart; the Grammy Award-winning album "Thinking Of You;" as well as the two-volume "Sacred Journey of Kukai, an impressive melding of haunting woodwinds and nature sounds, inspires by Buddhist tradition.

The ten tracks on this Definitive Collection are an excellent introduction to the work of this New Age Master, illuminating his consistently impressive career.  The disc offers a fine sampling of his vast output, ideal for first-time listeners and Kitaro completists alike.  This music reveals the true depth of Kitaro's Unique and lasting artistry, standing as a testament to his enduring imagination.

Track List

  • 01.  Planet
  • 02.  Kuu
  • 03.  Wave Of Sand
  • 04.  Mercury
  • 05.  Field
  • 06.  Caravansary
  • 07.  Floating Lotus
  • 08.  Spirit Of Harp
  • 09.  Oasis
  • 10.  Nageki
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