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Kitaro: Celestial Scenery: Silkroad Legend Vol. 1

Celestial Scenery: Silkroad Legend Vol. 1


The first volume in the Celestial Scenery series, Silk Road Legends, is an audio version of the epic journey across cultures and epochs.  It opens gently with the haunting beauty of Kitaro's synthesizer producing sounds from ancient Chinese and Central Asian homelands.  It finishes with Yu-Xiao Guang's fine work on huqin instruments, symbolizing Far East influences.

Track List

  • 01.  Theme From Silk Road
  • 02.  Caravansary
  • 03.  Taklamakan Desert
  • 04.  Bell Tower
  • 05.  Oasis
  • 06.  Mandala
  • 07.  Mirage
  • 08.  Wings
  • 09.  Romance
  • 10.  Flight
  • 11.  Silk Road
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