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Keiju Nakajima: Mantra


Keiju Nakajima

Recording for this album began in Bali in 1992 alongside the Canadian sax player, Paul Chenard.  The second half of it was recorded in Malaysia and at a Khao Yai National Park in the north-eastern part of Thailand where tigers live.  The album features the spiritual, dynamic sounds of nature as Keiju wandered around the jungle.  Mantra features the German-French horn player Ben Trautman besides a Malaysian tabla player.  This was an important album in Keiju's career.
It was remastered in 2009.

Track List

  • 01.  Song Of The Birth
  • 02.  Journey To The Mysterious Forest
  • 03.  Blue Bird
  • 04.  Friendship
  • 05.  The River Of Peace
  • 06.  The Eyes Of Gypsy
  • 07.  Illusion Of The Soul
  • 08.  Yuyami
  • 09.  Killing Fields
  • 10.  Mantra
  • 11.  Tell Me Why
  • 12.  Song Of The Birth (Reprise)
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