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Keiju Nakajima: Awa + Aqua

Awa + Aqua

Keiju Nakajima

Keiju produced his 2001 solo album based on the theme of appreciating "aqua" (water), one of the crucial elements needed on this wonderful planet, Earth.  This was his first Japanese album for Keiju as he spent 18 years cultivating a career in Thailand.  He produced six songs while performing as an artist-in-residence at the Ooawa Shrine in Kamiyama in Shikoku, Japan, surrounded by the sounds of nature.  The other seven were composed in Thailand.  The album features the leading Japanese shamisen (Japanese banjo) player Machiko Toyosawa.  When you listen to this album, it's like being in Jomon era.

In 2009, Awa+Aqua was remixed and released with an additional track.

Track List

  • 01.  Greeting
  • 02.  Jin-ryo
  • 03.  Awa
  • 04.  Ushiro No Shomen Dare?
  • 05.  Light
  • 06.  Mountain People
  • 07.  Miare
  • 08.  HakuRyu
  • 09.  Aqua
  • 10.  Moonlight
  • 11.  Yatagarasu
  • 12.  Himiko (Sharman)
  • 13.  Being There
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