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Jean-Francois Maljean

Belgian pianist Jean-Francois Maljean has been a successful solo artist for over a decade.  His work combines New Age and Jazz qualities with a pop sensibility, influenced by his Belgian upbringing and full of European flavor.  In recent years, Maljean has expanded his scope, working extensively in Japan, incorporating Asian elements into his sound.  On the new Domo release Gallery, Maljean has adapted the work of renowned New Age artist Kitaro to piano.  The result is a tranquil, seductive album, full of pieces both intimate and soaring - sometimes within the span of a single composition.  The traditional Asian sounds infused in Kitaro's work are given soothing and elegant interpretations here.  Kitaro's ambient soundscapes are adapted fluidly by Maljean, perfectly suited to his warm, melodic playing style.  Alternating between playful and austere, the tracks are delicately rendered and full of atmospheric detail.  Maljean's technical precision and lightness of touch make these sentimental pieces enchanting and absorbing.  This engaging album takes the listener on a journey into the heart of beauty and wonder.

Track List

  • 01.  Silk Road Theme
  • 02.  Koi
  • 03.  Thinking Of You
  • 04.  The Wind
  • 05.  Main Theme Nile
  • 06.  Mizu Ni Inori Te
  • 07.  Linden
  • 08.  As the Wind Blows
  • 09.  Mirage
  • 10.  Caravansary
  • 11.  Flying Celestial Nymphs
  • 12.  Kuu
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