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Horny Toad: Thirteen


Horny Toad

Thirteen is Horny Toad's debut album for Domo Records. It's a hard-driving album that fuses post-hardcore punk, ska-metal and funk. Features Silver and a remake of the classic Commodores hit Brick House.

Horny Toad, based in Southern California, consists of former Suicidal Tendencies bassist Louichi Mayorga, Moises Casillas and Caviar.

Track List

  • 01.  Shiver
  • 02.  Youth
  • 03.  Long Slow Death
  • 04.  Fragile Planet
  • 05.  Fire in the Sky
  • 06.  Quiksand
  • 07.  Vampire Ska
  • 08.  Eggfart
  • 09.  Signify
  • 10.  Ho
  • 11.  Brick
  • 12.  Give To Me
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