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Ema & Esoh: Spirit Of Islands

Spirit Of Islands

Ema & Esoh

Japan is a series of islands, a country surrounded by water.  The Earth is an island too, a planet floating in a vast ocean called the universe.  We are all glittering stars living in this greatness.  The Spirit of Islands takes these concepts and the pride that natives feel in the folk song Shima Uta (Island Song) and joins them together, creating a new world where Shima Uta is reinvented.

Track List

  • 01.  Prologue
  • 02.  Eternal Islands
  • 03.  Islands Of Drea,
  • 04.  Yahle-Sohle
  • 05.  Obokuri (Trad Of Amami Island)
  • 06.  To The Island
  • 07.  The Island Of Falling Star
  • 08.  To The Sea
  • 09.  Spirit Of Islands
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