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Various Artists: Domo 10th Anniversary Collection

Domo 10th Anniversary Collection

Various Artists

To commemorate its 10th Anniversary, this compilation highlights the "greatest hits" from throughout its ten year lifespan.  The album features sixteen beautiful tracks from the Domo roster and highlights some of the finest works of legendary composer/musician Kitaro, Dave Eggar, Luis Perez, Randy Armstrong and The Yoshida Brothers.  The album also features a bonus track - a brand new, previously unreleased track by Kitaro, Theme from Earthdance.  A soothing, ethereal collection of music, full of reflective, delicate moments and dreamy, intimate ambience, this album is perfect for anytime of the day when a sense of inner calm is in order.  Atmospheric, yet organic and bursting with life, the Domo 10th Anniversary Collection is a stunning portrayal of the essence of Domo Records . . . elegant, intimate and beautiful.

Track List

  • 01.  Daichi - Kitaro
  • 02.  Desire - Stephen DeRuby
  • 03.  Sleeping Woman - Luis Perez
  • 04.  New Moon - Luis Villegas
  • 05.  Peace Through Kindness - Nawang Khechog
  • 06.  Sicilienne - Gabriel Faure
  • 07.  Fisherman's Cancion - Randy Armstrong
  • 08.  Dark Passage - Dave Eggar
  • 09.  Mediterranean Sunrise - Benedetti & Svoboda
  • 10.  Flying Celestial Nymphs - Yu-Xiao Guang
  • 11.  Cautionary Tale - Alex Wurman
  • 12.  Planet - Kitaro
  • 13.  Theme for Earthdance - Kitaro
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