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Benedetti & Svoboda: Flamenco Dreams

Flamenco Dreams

Benedetti & Svoboda

The Guitar is passion: intimate, gentle, soft, strong, rhythmic and dreamy.  As the great Andres Segovia once said, "there is no obstacle between the instrument and the heart.  The guitar is a small voice in the midst of the world's noise. This is why the world is listening".

On Fred and George's debut release, Flamenco Dreams, this remarkable guitar duo present an array of songs that range from peace melancholy ballads to fiery flamenco rumbas.  The traditional Spanish flamenco flair is melded with southwest Novelle Flamenco nuance.

Track List

  • 01.  Isla Mar
  • 02.  Ritmos de Valarta
  • 03.  Mallorca Sunset
  • 04.  Moresca
  • 05.  Salamanca
  • 06.  Romanza Amor
  • 07.  Playa Solana
  • 08.  Indigo Night
  • 09.  Duende
  • 10.  Rumba Gitano
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