Kitaro: Thinking Of You

Thinking Of You


43rd GRAMMY WINNING ALBUM (Best New Age Album)

"Thinking of You" is a resplendent expression of the beauty unearthed in nature portrayed musically as only Kitaro can.
Woven within a musical tapestry of song, Kitaro brings you ten astounding compositions rendering light to the environment of which many take for granted.  As Kitaro notes, "Living close to this wonderful nature is the discovery of the joy of life everyday".
This Grammy Award winning release has garnered the accolades of die-hard and newcomers alike.  As Kitaro remarks, "the 'You' in the titles signifies people close to me, those near and those far away from me.  I tried to speak to each one of them through this musical expression."

Track List

  • 01.  Estrella
  • 02.  Mercury
  • 03.  Cosmic Wave
  • 04.  Harmony of the Forest
  • 05.  Fiesta
  • 06.  Thinking of You
  • 07.  Spirit of Water
  • 08.  Stream
  • 09.  Space II
  • 10.  Del Mar