Kitaro: The Soong Sisters

The Soong Sisters


Inspired by and written for the controversial Chinese film, The Soong Sisters, Kitaro's score features rich dynamic performances of orchestra colored by traditional eastern instruments.  Based on the lives of three sisters who grew up in the tumult of China's struggles with communism and nationalism, The Soong Sisters is also a story of family, love and religion.  With the help of Randy Miller, who conducts the remarkable performances of the Northwest Sinfonia, the rich sounds of the orchestra compliment Kitaro's arrangements with magnificent and intense beauty.

As the follow-up to the Golden Globe winning masterpiece, Heaven and Earth, Kitaro returns to film music with an enchanting and haunting score that captures the sentiment of early 20th Century China.

Track List

  • 01.  Soong Sisters
  • 02.  Nowhere To Land
  • 03.  Dr. Sun & Ching-ling
  • 04.  Man on Fire
  • 05.  Ching-ling Assassination Attempt/Soldiers Revolt
  • 06.  Ching-ling Goes to Russia
  • 07.  Waltz & War
  • 08.  The Bonfire
  • 09.  Xi-an Airport
  • 10.  The Scroll Is Read
  • 11.  Ching-ling Escapes
  • 12.  Parachutes
  • 13.  Echoing Wall
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