Kitaro: The Light Of The Spirit (Remastered in 2012)

The Light Of The Spirit (Remastered in 2012)


Spanning a celebrated career of more than 30 years, Kitaro is a Grammy Award and Golden Globe winning international composer and recording artist world renowned for his unique style of contemplative, progressive, and ethereal synthesizer music.  His instrumental themes capture the imagination and inspire harmony between the spirit and the environment.

Co-produced with Grateful Dead drummer, Mickey Hart, The Light of the Spirit blends cinematic melodies and images from nature to explore spiritual aspects of the life cycle.  Featuring an ensemble of musicians and digitally remastered tracks, The Light of the Spirit is an enthralling exploration of melodic imagery, and includes the Grammy nominated song "The Field".

This project was tracked at Kitaro's studio in Japan on an Otari DTR 900 thirty-two track digital recorder using one inch tape.  Overdubs were done at Fantasy Studio "D", Berkeley, California, on a Mitsubishi X850 thirty-two track digital recorder.  The project was mixed from an Otari DTR 900 thirty-two track to a Mitsubishi X80 digital recorder using one-quarter inch tape.  In the Mastering process Meyer's Phase Correction filters were used to feed the signal to a sphere custom console using Sontec equalization.  FInally, the signal was transferred to the Sony PCM 1630 digital recorder using U-Matic tape which has a sampling rate of 44.1 Khz.  This Master tape was used in making the compact disc.  The final analog master disc was cut from the Mitsubishi X80 as well as the Bin Loop Master from the audio cassettes.  John Meyer's Model 833 studio monitors and subs were used in the overdub sessions.

Track List

  • 01.  Mysterious Encounter
  • 02.  Sundance
  • 03.  The Field
  • 04.  The Light of the Spirit
  • 05.  In The Beginning
  • 06.  Moondance
  • 07.  Howling Thunder
  • 08.  Journey To A Fantasy
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