Kitaro: An Enchanted Evening

An Enchanted Evening


An Enchanted Evening is a live album recorded during Kitaro's world tour in 1995.  It features music from his studio album, Mandala, and music from his original score for Oliver Stone's movie, Heaven and Earth.

Resonant with exotic Japanese instrumentation along with the more familiar guitar, flute and drums, it shimmers one minute and rumbles the next by turns soothing and stirring, rhythmic and dramatic, yet surprising intimate.
It is a unforgettable event with contrasts that takes its cue from nature and spirit drawing refrains of the East and West together.

Track List

  • 01.  Mandala
  • 02.  Planet
  • 03.  Dance of Sarasvati
  • 04.  Silk Road
  • 05.  Chants from the Heart
  • 06.  Spirit of Taiko
  • 07.  Kokoro
  • 08.  Heaven & Earth
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