Kitaro: Celestial Scenery: Galactic Flight Vol. 9

Celestial Scenery: Galactic Flight Vol. 9


Galactic Flight, the second to last album in Kitaro's Celestial Scenery collection, gives praise to the mysterious realm of space.  Why listen to it in a sterile white room?  Pack blankets and breakfast and go sleep under the stars.  Once you're away from the light pollution of the big cities, the enormous expanse of space will reveal itself in full galactic splendor.  Only then will you be able to ascend to Kitaro's level when he crafted Galactic Flight.

Track List

  • 01.  Estrella
  • 02.  Milky Way
  • 03.  Magical Wave
  • 04.  Message From The Cosmos
  • 05.  Solar System Trapeze
  • 06.  Planet (Live)
  • 07.  Moon-Star
  • 08.  Sundance
  • 09.  Del Mar
  • 10.  Cosmic Love (Live)
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