Kitaro: Celestial Scenery: Breezing Universe Vol. 6

Celestial Scenery: Breezing Universe Vol. 6


Volume six of Celestial Scenery, Breezing Universe, possesses actual sounds of nature beyond instruments.  You can hear trickling water, the ocean's waves, and the gentle thud of a beating heart.  Song titles like Howling Thunder, Symphony of the Forest, and Stream lend additional organic imagery to the music.  If you really want to go the extra mile to experience Breezing Universe, listen to it outdoors.

Track List

  • 01.  Earth Born
  • 02.  Aqua
  • 03.  Stream
  • 04.  Voice Of The Wind
  • 05.  A Passage Of Life
  • 06.  Harmony Of The Forest
  • 07.  Howling Thunder
  • 08.  Symphony Of The Forest
  • 09.  Song For Peace
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