Kitaro: Celestial Scenery: Faraway Land Vol. 3

Celestial Scenery: Faraway Land Vol. 3


You're in bed, wearing your favorite comfy clothes.  You're unwinding after a long day, whether it be powering through boring work meetings, wrangling children, or giving your muscles a break after that particular challenging yoga class.  Whatever it is, that chai tea in your hand is surely helping.  You pause reading that book on Gandhi you borrowed from the library.  Peace is nice, but perhaps it's a bit too quiet.  You browse through iTUnes, wanting some calming.  Then you see it - volume these of Kitaro's Celestial Scenery compilation, Faraway land, featuring Yu-Xiao Guong and Nawang Khechog.  You hit play and take a sip of tea.  Ah, now that's better.

Track List

  • 01.  Dawn / Rising Sun
  • 02.  Legend Of The Road
  • 03.  Mysterious Island
  • 04.  Aura
  • 05.  Tibet
  • 06.  The Clouds
  • 07.  Shimmering Horizon
  • 08.  Everlasting Road
  • 09.  Journey To A Fantasy
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