Kitaro: Best Of Kitaro Vol. 2

Best Of Kitaro Vol. 2


Assembling the very best from Kitaro's latest works, the Best of Volume 2 features the Grammy-nominated single, "The Field" which was co-produced by Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead.  In addition to featuring some of Kitaro's signature works that include "Heaven and Earth" and the "Theme from Silk Road" it also contains selections from Mandala, Gaia Onbashira as well as Dream, Kitaro's collaboration with Yes' Jon Anderson.

Track List

  • 01.  Theme From Silk Road
  • 02.  TENKU
  • 03.  The Field
  • 04.  KOI
  • 05.  Cosmic Love
  • 06.  Dance of Sarasvati
  • 07.  The Bottom of the Sky
  • 08.  Gaia
  • 09.  Heaven & Earth
  • 10.  Lady of Dreams
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