Kitaro: Best Of Kitaro [VHS]

Best Of Kitaro [VHS]


Revolutionary composer Kitaro is renowned for his ability to embody the spirituality of nature and humanity through his music, often using non-traditional instruments and extremely theatrical performance styles.  As a winner of Best New Age Album at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards (for "Thinking of You"), Kitaro continues to inspire and create music that captures the vital, earthy, as well as ethereal aspects of existence.  Pioneer Entertainment is proud to present Best of Kitaro - the culmination of his most celebrated and bewitching performances: Kojiki: A Story in Concert, An Enchanted Evening, Light of the Spirit, and Tamayura.

Track List

  • 01.  Opening Credits
  • 02.  Kokoro
  • 03.  Silk Road
  • 04.  Magma
  • 05.  Matsuri
  • 06.  The Field
  • 07.  Heaven & Earth
  • 08.  Koi
  • 09.  Caravansary
  • 10.  Fire
  • 11.  Mercury
  • 12.  Cosmic Love
  • 13.  Dance Of The Sarasvati
  • 14.  End Credits
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