Kitaro: Ancient



2002 Grammy Award Nominee Album

Take an extravagant excursion through the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Indus Valley and China with Grammy Award winner Kitaro on his latest release, "Ancient".  Kitaro manages to transport the listener to a mystical and contemplative place with the glorious textures of Great Pyramid.  This magical journey also features the majestic and dramatic resonance of Nile and the eloquently evocative Unicorn, with it's airy, almost playful melodies.  Ancient manages to create audio imagery with exotic, unpredictable sounds, ancient wind instruments, and among other things, the synthesizer.  The result is a sound that seems primeval, yet Kitaro's artistic sensitivity makes it distinctly modern, ultimately exploring the connection between humans and the earth itself, which remains eternally beguiling and wonderously captivating in its mysteries.

Track List

  • 01.  Prologue
  • 02.  Main Theme
  • 03.  Ancient of Wind
  • 04.  Ritual Dance
  • 05.  Water of Mystery
  • 06.  Tumba Dance
  • 07.  Wave From Ancient
  • 08.  Spirit of Harp
  • 09.  Great Pyramid
  • 10.  Mysterious Triangle
  • 11.  ITONAMI
  • 12.  Unicorn
  • 13.  Crystal Sand
  • 14.  Dholavira
  • 15.  End Theme BEYOND
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