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September, 2007

July, 2007

While attending Han Yang University, Chung decided to continue his education in the states by attending Berklee College of Music and then attending University of Miami to get his master degree in music.  After graduating from University of Miami, one of Joong Han Chung's crowning achievements as a music producer was a parody of Harry Potter.  He created a rap song as the soundtrack for a music video parody that has brought him worldwide attention.  Within four days of airing on YouTube,  "Harry Potter in the Hood" was watched by over one hundred thousand people and was even aired on the television broadcast channel ABC.  The distinctive quality of his composition is his mixture of hip-hop and rap beats on top of an orchestral background.

That, along with look-alike characters, are the defining components of this parody on Harry Potter and pop culture.  The parody even includes laughs about Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline, and American Idol judge Paula Abdul.  In addition to the similar wardrobes, the rapping "H Piddy" is a perfect replica of Daniel Radcliffe's character, Harry Potter.  This music video was directed by Sean Haines and Allan Murray. Murray has also directed another parody titled "Paris in Jail".

H Magazine March
March, 2007
Joong-Han Chung, the music composer pursuing new genre

There is a prominent documentary that has been broadcasted for 1 month.

It is Bastards of the Party, which handles the history of giant black gangster organization in Los Angeles.  The composer in charge of the original score of this documentary is Joong-Han Chung.  This movie produced by Antoine Fuqua, who is the director of "Training Day" that won Oscar Award in Washington showed the 50-year black community history by the director from gangster organization.  And this movie was highly appreciated in various movie festivals including winning the best documentary award in 2005 American Black Film Festival.

"I met Director Sloan in 2003 for the first time.  He asked me the music for the documentary that he had been making for 7 years.  Because I wanted to do that work, I accepted his offer and I feels pride for my long time investment there."

Mr. Chung came to the United States while studying in Hanyang University and graduated from the Graduate Program of University of Miami after Berklee College of Music in Boston, and he came to Los Angeles.  He came to take care of the movie music for Bastards of the Party 4 years ago when he was involved in hip-hop music and was pursuing new genre of combining hip-hop and orchestra.

At that time, the director demanded him to express the black emotion with orchestra music not with hip-hop representing black culture.  His music works for 2 years are appreciated as vitalizing the movie atmosphere with the peculiar melody and tone.

"I think there is no genre of film music.  The music is used for the film.  The music in film should not be too conspicuous, but it should assist the movie."

Besides movie music, he worked as arrangement and programming engineer for Patti LaBelle's album, which were number 1 rank in billboard chart for 10 weeks, and he also is in charge of the music and recording in VH and Bravo Channel TV Show.  In addition, he composed the music of the movie, "Do You Want The Elephant Music", directed by Director Leslie Dektor.  Here he won the best music award in the part of Blue Ridge Vision Film Festival.

Reporter Eun Sun Ha

The Korea Daily
May 23, 2006
Los Angeles

"I made new sounds by combining hip-hop and orchestra."
Mr. Joong-Han Chung, who is the music director of the movie made by HBO

"Bastards of the Party" handling Los Angeles gangster will be performed in coming month.  Entered Hollywood as a Korean graduate from American school.

"Although it is an American movie, I made effort to put Korean sense there."  It is interesting that a Korean musician graduated from a school in the United States took charge of the music of a movie produced by HBO, a cable channel specialized in movie.  The hero is Mr. Joong-Han Chung (30 at the photo) who graduated from a high school in Korea and graduated from the Graduate Program of University of Miami after Berklee College of Music in Boston.  Mr. Chung directed the music of Bastards of the Party, which will be performed nationally through HBO channel from next month.  This movie is a documentary handling black gangster in Los Angeles produced by Antoine Fuqua, who directed "Training Day" and "King Arthur".

It is not easy for a foreign graduate takes in charge of movie music in Hollywood, because the human relationship is important and the barrier of language and culture should be overcome.  Mr. Chung just said he was lucky, but it is appreciated that he has experimental spirit challenging the new frontier.

He decided to come to Los Angeles after graduating the graduate school because he wanted to contact various music.  Then, he came to know a movie person through one of his friends who was doing hip-hop music.  That person is Director Cle Sloan, who directed "Bastards of the Party".

Sloan suggested Joong-Han Chung the music director of "Bastards of the Party", because Sloan thought Chung, who makes particular music by combining hip-hop and orchestration, will fit to his own style.

Chung said, "I had a hard time at first because I was not familiar with black culture and could not understand their own slangs.  But I overcame the hardship with my enthusiasm to and ability of music."  He also added he got many things during the process of overcoming the racial and cultural discrepancies.

To Mr. Chung, who continues to seek new sounds and peculiar sounds, the process of putting the black community into music is a special challenge.  He said, "When I arrived at Los Angeles, I could not know what and where I should inform my music, and the big companies even did not received my demonstrative music discs.  However, with your own color, if you continue to counter people in any ways, you will be acknowledged some day."  This is the advice of Mr. Chung for the later generations who wants to enter Hollywood.

Reporter Joon Min Hwang

Movie Week
January, 2006

Joong-Han Chung, Korean film music composer who is working in Hollywood
The world is large and the places for music is many.

In Hollywood, so-called the factory of dream, there is a Korean man who is working as a film music composer.  This is Joong-Han Chung, who is the music director of, a documentary, produced by Antoine Fuqua, who is the director of and.

"I was lucky. Without using human relationship, I came to meet a great man." Sometimes in the life, luck is more important than the ability.  According to Sonja Strategy, a resourceful general cannot win a virtuous general and a virtuous general cannot win a lucky general. However, the luck without preparation is just one-time luck.  The luck to Joong-Han Chung, who had made much effort and prepared a lot, become a basis for further steps.  Besides, which will be opened in coming June in the United States, Joong-Han Chung arranged the album of a soul singer, Patti LaBelle, and composed CF music with Leslie Dektor, a leader in the United States advertising industry, and composed music in many short movies.

In this way, Joong-Han Chung is expanding his area gradually.  He likes Director Tony Scott of , and the musics of Harry Gregson Williams in charge of music in the movie.  He continues to find new particular sounds that are other than those he has listened already, and we wonder to which movies he will approach next time.  We understand his statement, "movie music is assisting the movie" but it will be also good to feel, "This music is made by Joong-Han Chung."

Written by Reporter Soo Jin Chung, photographed by Joo Young Ahn.

Hot Music
January, 2006

O.S.T. Korean Musician in Hollywood for the First Time

While the level of domestic movies and the demand of the audience for it are increasing, there is a Korean musician who began to serve in Hollywood of the United States for the first time as the movie music composer.  Because he has no activities in Korea, he looks like a novice musician.  The hero is Joong-Han Chung, who is in charge of the music in a movie, Bastards of the Party, which will be opened in the United States in coming June.  Written by Senior Reporter Myung Ha Song, Photographed by Reporter Young Ae Jun.

The documentary movies, which had been regarded as "uninteresting and boring", entered into a new phase with the success of "Fahrenheit 911" by Michael Moor.  "Bastards of the Party", in which Joong-Han Chung is in charge of its music, is also a documentary movie.  The general production of the movie was made by Antoine Fuqua, who directed "King Arthur" and "Training Day" that were opened in Korea lat year.  The director is Cle "Bone" Sloan, who has brilliant experiences as an actor, a movie director, and a gangster member.  Joong-Han Chung made connection with Director Cle Sloan fortuitously.

After graduating from the graduate program in Miami, I came to Los Angeles.
While I was researching beat with a person who does hip-hop music, he introduced a movie director who would fit to me.  My typical music is to express in the orchestration using hip-hop source like Doctor Dreh, and I thought the director also wanted that kind of music.
However, after meeting the director, he told he wanted the music with full orchestration differently from my common sense.  Therefore, I made a variety of attempts including rock or roof of techno based on orchestration rather than hip-hop rhythm in "Bastards of the Party".

"Bastards of the Party", the movie that Director Cle Sloan was making, is a documentary about gangster organization.  Presently, Los Angeles has at large two groups of gangster organizations, "Bloods" and "Crips", and their situation is serious.  The reason for the serious situation is that the young generation perceives this gangster culture as cool while the gangster culture permeated into the general people"s culture.  The movie continues to show the background of the creation of these gangster organizations in 1950's, the testimony of the former FBI agent about the order to disband "Black Panther Party" characterized as civil soldiers in 1960's, Los Angeles Black Riot in 1990's, and other many scenes of Los Angeles during the past 50 years with many interviews.
This movie was produced in order to show the reality of the gangster culture through media of gangster and in order to wake up the black community.  Since the director himself was a member of the gangster organization before, this movie observes from inside to outside differently from other similar kinds of movies.  "Bastards of the Party" already won the award of documentary of the year in 2005 "American Film Festival", and it was invited and performed in the non-competitive wide angle "2005 Tribeka Film Festival" in New York and in "San Francisco Film Festival".  Variety, a daily newspaper specialized in American culture and art reviewed and applauded with the phrase, "Must-See Doc.!", and the contract with HBO was made before opening this movie in June of this year.

Because this movie has many interview scenes and the black people speaks many slangs in the scenes that Joong-Han Chung cannot understand easily, it became a handicap to Joong-Han Chung who is in charge of the movie music.  Therefore, for the music, he asked the director about what he could not understand while monitoring the movie.  It could be cumbersome works but the director just demanded Joong-Han Chung "Do your best".  Because this movie mostly handles serious issues, many of the used music also have gloomy feeling.

"The musics that I originally wanted to make are those together with media such as movies or advertisements.  They become more impressive while seeing and hearing.  I was listening to various genres of music.
I was involved with rock music and slayers, and then I listened to plain music, and during studying in Berklee College of Music I liked jazz.  For movie music, it is helpful to listen to wide range of music.  Of course, just to listen to many musics may not be sufficient, and I am making efforts to find new sounds.
Though it may not be perceived, I added sounds of the Korean traditional instruments such as Jing and Kwangari."

In fact, many musicians from the world as well as actors and actresses come to Hollywood in order to put their own musics to the movies.  Joong-Han Chung stated his own story that he had hard time while feeling helpless when he came to there first.

"I could not know what and where something happened, and the big companies even did not receive my demonstrative music discs as well as did not listen to them.  Since I asked them how to make my music be listened, they told me to submit the sound sources through attorneys specialized in entertainment or agent.  But it was not affordable to me, and I felt it was a phenomenon of the rich become richer and the poor become poorer.  Meanwhile, it was lucky for me to have chance to meet a director personally.
I advise to the similar readers like me to counter in any ways while thinking broadmindedly.  Because the musics are above some level here, the people need the courage to submit directly and the enthusiasm to pursue.  I think that in this way they can achieve the goals one by one."

In fact, "Korean heat" emphasizing the appearance only is not much helpful to the development of our music.
Therefore, for the various and profound development of our music, the role of courageous young musicians like Joong-Han Chung is more important.  In this sense, though he is saying this is just his first step, his step into the new frontier is very valuable.  We applaud him who is struggling bravely in a far country away from his own hometown.

Major experiences of Joong-Han Chung

Patti LaBelle (2005):  Arrangement, orchestration and recording engineer Worked on Patti LaBelle"s first gospel album "The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle", who won 2 Grammy Awards; Participated as orchestration and recording engineer.

Dektor Films (2005):  TV Commercial
Composed and produced the music All State Insurance "Hospital Phone Call" Episode.  Directed by Leslie Dektor

Dektor Films (2005):  Film Score
Score the music for the film, "Do You Want The Elephant Music", directed by Leslie Dektor.
It has been invited to 7 film festivals including "2006 Slam Dance Movie Festival" and won 3 awards among them.

Fuqua Films (2005):  Film Score
Score the music for a documentary film, "Bastards of the Party".
It won the award of "Best Documentary of The Year" in "2005 American Black Film Festival".
Concluded the contract with HBO Co.  It will be opened in June of 2006.

Souvenir Manufacturing, Inc. (2004):  Film Score
Score the music for a short film, "Pee Shy" directed by Deb Hagan.
Won the awards in 11 film festivals including "2005 Boulder International Film Festival", "ReelHeART Film Festival".
It was invited in more than 40 worldly festivals and was performed there.