Happy Nowruz from Kitaro!

Happy Nowruz to everyone celebrating!

Nowruz is the Iranian New Year also known as the Persian New Year. Kitaro and Domo hope this Nowruz brings you joy and peace to you and your love ones.

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2 Comments to Happy Nowruz from Kitaro!

  1. kaveh says:

    thank you king

  2. Roozbeh Rajabioun says:

    thank you maestro KITARO and also thank you DOMO RECORDS . since I remembered I was listening to your heavenly and magical music . your songs are important part of my daily life . I almost listening your music every single day .
    thank you for every thing that you give me and teach me by your songs . I really hope to see you in IRAN one more time and bow in front of you . I hope to see you in new Persian year . much love
    Zanjan / Iran