New Album Release by Kotahi Te Wairua

Kotahi Te Wairua present a re-telling of the ancient Maori myth of Ranginui and Pāpātuanuku.

These entities from Maori mythology, the Sky-father and Earth-mother, existed locked in a loving embrace.  Their progeny, the young Gods, grew tall and strong and in their desperate struggle for space forcibly separated the parents.  In their struggle for identity and independence the young Gods created the natural world, as we know it, leaving Rangi and Pāpā in aching separation forever.

Now you can download this album at Domo Store.

Unity Of Spirit
Obsessive Love Of Rangi And Papa
The Young Gods
Living In Darkness
The Plotting
The Young Gods Strike
The Wrath Of Tawhiri Matea
New Life Springs Forth
Tears For Papa
Beauty Of The Pacific
Love Received, Love Returned

Kotahi Te Wairua are:
Gail Tipene  (Vocals)
Sharon Emirali  (Vocals)
Anthony Grey  (Keyboards, Vocals)
Stephen Small  (Keyboards)


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