Yukiko Haneda Will Perform at “ALONE”


ALONE is a site-specific, immersive and artistic exploration of fear, loneliness and self preservation. It’s a thirty minute walkthrough experience which you may only enter completely alone and become a willing victim to your own inner demons. Borrowing the structure of a typical haunted house, but ditching the blood, guts and psychotic clowns with chainsaws, ALONE explores the deepest regions of the bizarre, and places you as a participant in your own nightmare.

A full immersion event which you can only enter by yourself.
Your body will move and be moved through our space.

ALONE operates in the unknown. Our location is no different. Ticket buyers will receive information via email a couple days prior to their ticketed date with information and location details. ALONE will be in the central Los Angeles area.

Yukiko will appear at ALONE on October 25th!

For more Information

Yukiko Haneda Official Website

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