NEW ARTIST – Seda Bağcan


“Healing, music, and science…”

Domo is delighted to introduce our new artist, Seda Bagcan. With her unique and tender voice, this mantra singer will take you to the world of the wonderful musical journey. This is a perfect music for yoga, meditation or for your own retreat.

Four albums are now available for digital download at Domo Store.  They will be also released on iTunes this Fall.  Stay tuned.

Sunrise 1500          Remember 1500
Sunrise                                                     Remember

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Neyim 1500          sedaIamDP
SufiSOUL / Neyim                                          I Am That I Am

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Healing, music, and science.  This trinity has guided Turkish mantra singer Seda Bağcan through a musical life that began for her at six-years-old when she accompanied the Ankara Radio Turkish Music Orchestra and Choir, and continues to inspire her today, following the release of her fourth album.  With a voice that has been called stirring, moving, and coming from heaven, Bağcan’s unique path has taken her from performing with the TRT Ankara Polyphonic Youth Choir and the Ankara Opera and Ballet as a child to her studies in electronics engineering and training as an adult to become a master of reiki and healer of Reconnection, teaching Signature Cell Healing, Acutonics Sound Healing, and Deeksha.  When not creating and performing music, she is just as likely to be leading national and international workshops and seminars where music and science are incorporated into the practice of healing. Read on

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