Kitaro Special Vinyl Sale Offer Will End Soon!

If you are a Kitaro music collector and haven’t got any of his vinyls yet, this is the great chance to collect them all at once with a special discounted price.

All of the vinyls are the 12 Inch LP records and produced with 180 gram of HiFi Audio which means they have the best sound qualities.  Vinyl sounds are warmer, heavier and more dynamic compared to the CD and digital music.  It gives you a whole new way of listening to the Kitaro music.

With a purchase of any of vinyls, you will receive a complimentary Kitaro photo.

Hurry up! The offer will end in 2 days (by June 15th).


[SPECIAL SET] Kitaro Vinyl Set (4 Vinyls)

vinyl_set NOW $99.98   (reg.$114.92)


[LIMITED]Final Call by Kitaro with Autograph

finalcall_vinylNOW $99.98   (reg.$114.92)




Complimentary Kitaro Photo


Kitaro Artist Page

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