Yoshida Brothers 15th Anniversary Special vol.2: Yoshida Brothers

Yoshida Brothers and Domo Records would like to thank all of Yoshida Brothers fans for your support during their musical journey in these 15 years.

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, we offer a special promotion on each album every 15 days.

YB_15thbanner_vol.2From June 1st to June 15th, we are featuring their 2003 released album

“Yoshida Brothers”.

Yoshida Brothers’ US debut album!

It is also their first album on their new label in Japan. Japanese title is “Soulful.”

This album contains a traditional song “Tsugaru Jyongara Bushi” in both Kenichi and Ryoichiro version as well as their original songs.
By adding various type of instruments such as Drum, Guitar, Base and Violin to their sound, this album created another sensation in traditional Japanese music.

Yoshida Bros 300 dpi

Yoshida Brothers (2003)

$18.98 => $10.98 ($8 OFF!!!) until June 15th!!


Again, thank you to all those who have supported Yoshida Brothers.

They will continue to create great music and share their passions with you…:)

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