Yoshida Brothers 15 Years Anniversary!!!

Yoshida Brothers and Domo Records would like to thank all of Yoshida Brothers fans for your support during their musical journey in these 15  years.

To celebrate their 15th Anniversary, we offer a special promotion on each album every 15 days.


15th Anniversary Special Promotion Vol. 1

Special Promotion Vol. 2: “Yoshida Brothers” click HERE for more information


15th Anniversary Special Promotion Vol. 2

Special Promotion Vol. 3: “Yoshida Brothers II” click HERE for more information!


15th Anniversary Special Promotion vol.3

Again, thank you to all those who have supported Yoshida Brothers.
It has been a wonderful experience, and we are truly grateful to know that people around the world enjoy Shamisen music.
They will continue to create great music and share their passions with you…:)

Follow Yoshida Brothers’ SNS accounts!

Please spread the word and thumbs-up:)

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