Featured Fan Of The Month – Ann Ferguson

We would like to share the Kitaro story of Ann Ferguson who has been enjoying Kitaro music with her daughter for over two decades.  We had the opportunity to get to know Ann and she was very kind and sweet to take our interview and share her love of Kitaro Music.  Thank you so much, Ann.   Hope everybody enjoy reading this article.  We will feature more fans who love domo artists and music.  If you have a story to share with us, please let us know by emailing to info@domomusicgroup.com.

This Month Featured Fan: Ann Ferguson from U.S.A.

ann Ferguson

Koi Pond in Georgia, USA

1) Please tell us your name and where you from?
My name is Ann Ferguson and I am from McDonough, Georgia, 30 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

2) How did you find Kitaro’s music and when?
Quite by accident.  One evening back in the 1990’s, while channeling surfing, I happened on the local Public Television Station’s bid for funding.  The station was airing “An Enchanted Evening” and the most wonderful music was playing.  I watched the program to learn more about the artist, Kitaro, and I was absolutely hooked.  The next day I rushed out to buy every Kitaro cd/dvd I could find; “An Enchanted Evening” was my first purchase.

3) What is Kitaro’s music to you and how does it play a role in your life?
Kitaro’s music is real, honest music, with so much depth and feeling.  It is very pleasing to the ear and so soothing to the soul.  I listen to his music every day and it is a wonderful way to begin and end my day feeling good and feeling fed spiritually.

4) What is your favorite Kitaro song?
That is a very hard question to answer.  All of Kitaro’s songs are beautiful, but I am partial to Kokoro because it is the first Kitaro song I had ever heard.

5) Is there anything you would like our readers to know about your, “Kitaro story”?
I feel very fortunate I happened upon his music.  Otherwise, I would have missed almost twenty years of great music listening experiences.  Over the years I have shared his music with family and friends.

6) What would you like to say to Kitaro and Kitaro fans around the world?
Kitaro:, thank you for your wonderful gift of music.  In 1995 you performed at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  I once worked there, but that was 5 years after your performance.  Please come back to the Fox for another performance.  I would love to see you live in concert.  I would also like to tell you, I have as many of your “live” performance dvd’s as I can find and I never miss the fact that all of your fellow musicians really enjoy performing your music.  I also never miss the fact you approach your music and your musical instruments with such reverence.  Don’t stop composing your wonderful music.

Kitaro fans around the world:  let his music inspire you to see the beauty and the good in the world.

Thank you Domo Music Group for providing a great place to shop for all things Kitaro.


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