Exciting Announcement from David Arkenstone!

We are very proud to announce that one of our artists David Arkenstone has been selected to be the composer for the NBC Premier League Soccer theme package!!!!


The Premier League is the top tier of European soccer, and NBC has a lot riding on opening that excitement up to the US.
Coverage begins August 17.
David is doing a variety of different music for the upwards of 30 hours of weekly programming.

Here’s more from David,
“I find myself on yet another global adventure, as I’m waiting at the gate for my plane to Paris. As it turns out, I will be doing the final mixes for this NBC project at a studio in Paris…! Pretty cool, eh? Also, on my itinerary, some opera in Verona, and a trip to Ireland. So wow, I look around and say, hey, I’m a lucky guy!”

David Arkenstone Domo Official Page

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