Akiko Moriyako Music on Caribbean Airlines

Akiko Moriyako’s 1st Album “The Vibes” is now featured on the in-flight music channel and the lounge of Caribbean Airlines.   If you have a chance to travel with Caribbean Airlines,  enjoy Akiko’s music to make your trip even more memorable!

The Vibes

Akiko Moriyako is a musician of rare elegance, whose sound poems – whilst wholly contemporary – convey a depth and tranquillity that could only be inspired by ancient Japanese tradition.

For this extraordinary debut album she’s chosen to reinterpret the work of international reggae star Maxi Priest, or rather those songs that in Akiko’s own words, “remain hidden.” She uses the analogy of a Samurai sword left unsheathed because whilst some of them were hits, the majority can only be found on Maxi’s albums and have seldom been performed on stage. That’s because despite their obvious merits, they’re among the more gentle and restrained songs of his repertoire.



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