New Artist, Aco Takenaka!!

We are so honored to announce you our new artist, Aco Takenaka!


Aco Takenaka sings in Japanese, English, Portuguese as well as many kinds of ancient languages.
Her compositions are often dedicated to the spirits in nature, the nature outside of us and inside of us.

Aco moved from Japan to New York in 1996. In addition to her performances and recordings, she learned various kinds of songs, harmonics and vocalizations during her stay in America. In 2002, she traveled to other parts of the world, discovering remote nature locations in Asia. After learning local tribal songs, as well as a deeper understanding of Buddhism and Shamanism during her travels, she went home to Japan. Her first solo album “Moon Chant”, recorded in 2008, became popular among nature lovers in Japan.


In recent years, she has been busy with concerts and workshops all over Japan performing her interpretation of the Sutra of Buddhism, the Decree of Shinto, and chants to call out to mother earth and other natural spirits. Her music is enjoyed among many of all ages, young and old.

We will announce upcoming release information when it’s ready, so please keep checking our blog or her official Facebook page!

Aco Takenaka Facebook Page
Ako Takenaka Official Website

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