New Age Music =Part II=

New Age music is a contemporary genre inspired by the New Age spiritual movement.
There are no hard and fast rules regarding the instrumentation used in New Age music, and there are some trends within New Age music in choices of instruments and how they are used.

If you haven’t checked New Age Music =Part I=, please go check it out! That article is an introduction of New Age Music.
Let’s get to know more of New Age music!

New Age Music can be divided into two types;
Electronic forms: tends to rely on synth pads or long sequencer-based runs. using those technologies.
Acoustic Forms: using a wide variety of instruments such as; flutes, piano, acoustic guitar, and other acoustic instruments.

Here’s some instruments which are mainly used in this genre.

Synthesizer: Electronic synthesizers are an instrument which is a great deal for New Age arrangements. You guys might know that Kitaro started playing New Age music after he discovered the analog synthesizer (and he still like analog version more than a digital.) Synthesizers have the advantage of producing a more steady tone and provides an array of timbres , ranging from synthesized strings, voices and woodwinds to a number of original electronic sounds t create a soothing effect.

Woodwinds: This instruments provide a light timbre. Woodwinds instruments include orchestral instruments too, such as, the clarinet, flute, and oboe.
Woodwinds instruments are usually used as a solo instrument in a part of New Age music.

Guitars: As I mentioned on the beginning, the acoustic guitar lays down the foundation for New Age music charts. It’s often used as a replacement for synthesizers in Acoustic New Age music.

Drums: It sometimes appears in New Age music especially on a spiritual or ritual work. Drumming is a major component of many spiritual journeying practices.
It’s usually used as folk instruments with quiet and earthy sounds instead of louder, orchestral drums or drum sets.

We have variety of New Age artists! Please check out their music!

Karuna by Nawang Khechog
On Karuna, Nawang makes full use of his newest innovation, the Universal Horn. It’s a combination of Tibetan long horn and Australian Aboriginal Didgeridoo. Combining Japanese Taiko drums, Tibetan long horns, cymbals, bells, Indian drums, South American rain sticks, flutes and Tibetan chanting, Nawang shares his experience with ancient sounds and the spirituality of Tibet.

Soul Of The Beloved by Uma Silbey
When speaking of her music, Uma believes that it should not only be “musical” and sound beautiful, but should also deeply touch people’s hearts. Soul of the Beloved has been fashioned to guide listeners into states of meditation, trance, deep relaxation and expanded consciousness.

More New Age Music!!!
Domo Music Group Digitial Store: New Age
Domo Music Group Official Youtube Channel (listen to more New Age music!)

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