Music for Yoga!!

What do you listen to while you do yoga?

Yoga is a commonly known generic term for physical, mental, and spiritual disciplines which originated in ancient India.

Music is so essencial part of Yoga. Music would take you into the Yoga’s world deeply.
It gives you more concentration and more condition for Yoga.

Here is our recommendation!!
Check those out!!

Music for Yoga


-Track List-
01. Om Namah Shivaya – Deva Premal
02. Air, Oil – Peas
03. Peace Through Kindess – Nawang Khechog
04. Love Has No Boundaries – Randy Armstrong
05. Sleeping Woman – Luis Perez
06. Opening – Stephen DeRuby
07. Devotion – Stephen DeRuby
08. Song for Peace – Randy Armstrong
09. Planet – Kitaro
10. Yemaya Assessu – Deva Premal
11. Presence – Newang Khechog
12. Misty – Kitaro

Yoga is a state of being where we are fully present to ourselves and the world around us. The ancient wisdom of Yoga offers many practices to achieve this heightened state of awareness: asanas, breathing exercises, meditation and sound concentration bringing health to the body, clarity to the mind and spiritual attunement. We hear sound not only with our ears, but with every cell of our being. It has a profound healing effect on body, mind and emotions.
MUSIC FOR YOGA is designed to support your Yoga practice on the mat and in life by transporting you into a state of harmony and balance, which is the state of Yoga.

Music for the spirit Vol.2


-Track List-
01. Gaia – Kitaro
02. Inside – Luis Villegas
03. Sleeping Woman – Luis Perez
04. Rune – Dave Eggar
05. Romanza Amor – Benedetti/Svoboda
06. Noches Guitanas – Luis Villegas
07. Bahia Breeze – Steve Reid
08. Tenku – Kitaro
09. Dark Angel – Lee Blaske
10. Ritmos De Valarta – Benedetti/Svoboda
11. Rise – Dave Eggar
12. Classics For The Heart: Vocalise – Music For The Spirit, Volume 2

Volume 2 is a heady reflection of the multi-cultural world in which we live. This collection features music from Kitaro’s Grammy nominated album, Gaia Onbashira and from Tenku. Also included is music from Luis Perez debut, Tales of Astral Travelers, that was recorded in part using pre-Columbian musical artifacts. Also featured is the instrumental piano music of Dave Eggar, the flamenco guitar duo Benedetti & Svoboda, and the Latin guitar music of Luis Villegas.

Journey to the Heart Vol.2


-Track List-
01. Joy – Uma
02. Nageki – Kitaro
03. Softly My Heart – Stephen DeRuby
04. In the Cathedral – Gray Lamb
05. Song Without Words – Mendelssohn
06. Aurora’s Dream – Luis Perez
07. A drop Of Silence – Kitaro
08. The Guardian Angel – Shinji
09. Through The Mirror – Lee Blaske
10. Peace – Yu-Xiao Guang
11. Brittle Cloud – Dave Eggar

Journey to the Heart “Music for Meditation” is the second in a series of healing music releases that focuses on the Mind, Body & Spirit. Dave Eggar, Kitaro, Uma, Steven DeRuby, Gary Lamb and Luis Perez as well as many others have contributed tracks to this thematic compilation. With it’s many flavors and endless colors, this collection is a magical trek that will sooth, calm and uplift the mind and heart with a wide range of cavalcade artists and critically acclaimed music.
“Music for Meditation” is an evocative, enriching journey with a vision of interactivity to transport toward the calm of the inner self. This CD is also available in full length DVD with evocative nature imagery.

Let’s do YOGA with music.

You can get more info…We have more great artists and songs!

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