Are You Familiar With Lounge Music?

We have a variety of artists in different types such like New Age, Jazz, Classical, Electro, World, and Lounge.

As we already posted a blog about New Age, I would like to introduce one of the easy listening musics, Lounge Music, today.

If you think you’ve never listened to Lounge Music, that is wrong.
Lounge music is probably the closest type of music to our life.

Lounge Music is a description of music that you frequently listen to at the cafe, the bar or the hotel lounge, and it won’t disturb our conversations and communications.

Lounge music covers several types of music such as; modern-electronica, downtempo, Jazz, bossa nova, classical, and house, and it was know as light music in 1920’s to 1930’s.

Lounge music is good for people who want to enjoy the nice atmosphere and this music is existing to create that atmosphere.

You might be able to find a special Karma from those songs.




Listen to Ronin by Tao Of Sound [Modern-electronica (downtemp influences)]




Listen to State of Mind by State Of Mind (Progressive / Melodic / Hard style Lounge)




Listen to Passion from Summer Vibes (downtempo / House / Electro)

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