HeavensDust New Members!

New Band pic!!

Heavensdust_pic_new.jpgIt is so exciting to announce new members of HeavensDust! They will tour together in 2013.

New members;
KoREDS (AURA) on Drums
KAI_SHiNE (THC!!) on Taiko Drums

Stay tuned for the updates and be ready for a party with HeavensDust!

New Album Now On Sale!
The Ashes Still Warm
HD_The_Ashes_Still_Warm_400x400.jpgTRACK LIST
01  Distressed
02 World Goes Gray
03  Drowning
04  Annihilation
05  Emerge From Silence
06  In My Sleep
07  Gaze (Through Your Heart)
08  Memories Dripping From Darkness
09  The Break
10  The Ashes Still Warm
11  Eyes Of Secrets
12  So Unclear
13  Where There Is Illusion

buymp3-botton.jpg iTune-sbotton.jpg

HeavensDust U.S. Artist Page

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