“Ronin” by Tao of Sound is now available on iTunes!!!

Tao Of Sound released their new EP “Ronin” at Domo Digital Music Store the end of last month.

Now it’s also available on iTunes!!!!

“RONIN” is the sophomore album from experimental multi-instrumentalists Taku Hirano and Daniel Pearson, otherwise known as the band Tao Of Sound. Departing from the ambient/lounge vibe of their 2010 debut “METRO,” they went for an edgier sound when composing, arranging, and producing the songs for “RONIN,” and brought in guest instrumentalists and vocalists from around the world.

Track List
1. Ashes To Ashes (Featuring Sharlotte Gibson)
2. Monsters (Featuring Akasha Mabry)
3. Ronin (Featuring Christine Wu)
4. Live Beautifully (Featuring Tyra Juliette)
5. Highland, Highline

For More Info.
Tao of Sound Official Page
Domo Music Group

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