FCI TV Featured Yoshida Brothers x Monkey Majik NY Concert

Thanks all for coming to YB x MM concert!!

Here is the Exclusive interview of Monkey Majik and Yoshida Brothers by FCI, Japanese TV station based in New York.  They talk about their passions to music, loves to Japan,  a collaboration with Yoshida Brothers, impression of NYC, and more. Enjoy!

We still have one more show to go in Ottawa, CA tonight!
11/20/2012 (TUE) [OTTAWA, CANADA]
OPEN: 7:30 pm / START: 8:00 pm
Best Of Yoshida Brothers

Track list
01.  Storm
02.  Kodo (Hishou Version)
03.  Overland Blues
04.  A Hill With No Name
05.  Modern (Hishou Version)
06.  Saiun
07.  Passion
08.  My Heart Holds
09.  Blooming
10.  Cherry Blossoms in Winter
11.  Kodo (Inside The Sun Remix)
12.  Rising
13.  Morricone

Yoshida Brothers Official Artist Page

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